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Welcome to the new era of protection barriers - DEFLEX™ range.

Imagine protection barriers system that is hygienic and easy to clean. Dream of it being able to handle knocks and bumps from constant use of busy staff doing their job. Imagine a facility with no more flaking paint, no damaged walls and no cracked up floor coverings.

Well…. This is it, right now – the impact absorbing, hygienic barrier system! Upgrade your facility now, reduce your maintenance and running costs and improve your safety! The DEFLEX Industrial safety barrier revolution is the world’s first and only PVC construction system.

Being PVC, there are many tangible benefits such as: Completely Non-porous- therefore doesn’t harbour bacteria or dirt (easy to clean!) Will absorb impact and flex when hit, then return to shape. PVC has better strength and memory than Steel, PPE or PP. PVC is fire class VO (self extinguishing). PVC is 100% recyclable. PVC resists scratching and is solid colour. The flexible DEFLEX range from Industrial Safety Barriers is Italian made and passes all tests for forklift barrier protection.

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DEFLEX™ Functional Design

MPM industrial protections for DEFLEX range have an innovative compact and functional design. This means that they have a minimal footprint and the safety distance is reduced so as to leave more space for vehicles and people, and installation is easy and intuitive, saving time and money.


The special shape of MPM protections offers a large, flat impact surface that can block forks and pallets. The arched structure is extremely sturdy and guarantees maximum resistance to the impacts of different severities.


Thanks to the special shape and density of the material, MPM protections are more compact and can be installed close to the elements being protected, leaving more working space.


MPM protective solutions are perfectly modular. The length of the barriers can be extended or shortened in both directions, even after installation. Furthermore, the GENIUS system allows a high level of customisation directly on site.


The installation of MPM protective solutions is quick and intuitive. Thanks to the small number of elements in the system, it takes just a few steps to build a protection system that is suitable for every need.

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Industrial Safety Barriers are a very enthusiastic and focused division of Concept Products, Australia. We are passionate about creating safer facilities and reducing the cost, loss and stress in running your facility. We research the world over and keep up to date with the new trends, developments and products, so we are pleased to be able to bring to Australia the absolute best in terms of safety barrier design and systems.

We have all seen too many industrial accidents with forklifts and people. Let’s act to protect our most valuable asset! If you are motivated to reduce your risk, improve traffic flow and reduce insurance premiums/payout – simply call out to our team who will be very interested to come out to your site and assess how we can help you.
If you have recently built a new facility, here’s a tip: Install protection around your walls, machinery and assets – before it gets hit and damaged! This will keep it looking new for a long time.

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