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Metal Bollard Range

Steel Bollards
metal boolard|yellow safety boolard|safety barrier
1200mmH Standard
Any height available
Stainless Steel Bollards
safety bollards | metal bollards | Stainless steal bollards
1200mmH Standard
Any height available
Full Frame Protection
metal bollards|safety barriers
168mm Diameter
Safety Yellow

Use The Strongest Safety Bollards Made by Industrial Safety Barriers and keep your Property Safe From Collision! 

Urbanisation is the most obvious feature of the twenty-first century. The continuous increment of the population is the cause of the heavy growth of urbanisation. The multistoried buildings and smooth high roads are two major facets of dynamic urbanisation. But along with that, the continuous increment of road accidents and collisions have become a common instance of city oriented civilisation. This scenario Industrial Safety Barrier has come with its safety bollards to protect you and your property from sudden collision or any other types of accident. 

Why Should One Use Safety Bollards? 

  • Safety of pedestrians– 

To ensure the ultimate safety of the passers-by on road and other industrial areas, it is critical to arrange safety bollards beside the pavements.

  • Prevention of Vehicle Collision-

In order to protect restaurants, Banks, Malls on ground floors from a severe vehicle collision, we need to deploy those bollards beside certain buildings. If those buildings are situated beside a busy road in a congested area, the necessity of safety bollards is high in that case.

  • Critical Structures – 

The buildings with a complex and critical infrastructure, like stadiums, airports, government offices have a high chance to occur in haphazard situations sometimes. In this scenario, bollards which ensure safety of a certain structure are needed on a serious note. 

  • Visually beneficial-

We all know that safety bollards have vibrant colours. Due to these excessive colours, the cars and other traffic from far away can find out the bollards. This can prevent the continuous growth of accidents on an ever-busy road.

  • Easy to Control Traffic-

Due to the expansions of the urban area, the hazards of controlling the traffics are increasing continuously. In this case, to control traffic with ease, the traffic controllers need visually attractive safety bollards to make their job a bit stress-free. 

Product Variations of Industrial Safety Barriers

Being one of the leading manufacturing units of Australia, the company Industrial Safety Barriers produces a number of strong and durable Safety Barriers with an utmost variation. Our products like, 1200mmH steel bollards, 1200mmH stainless-steel bollards, 168 mm safety yellow diameter of full frame protection are our special products. So do not waste time and visit our site to protect your doorway with ultimate protection. 

Why Would You Choose Industrial Safety Barriers in Case of Buying Safety Bollards?

  • The very first reason for choosing Industrial Safety Barriers while buying the safety bollards is their quality. The strength and longevity of our products are enough to prove our reputation.

  • The safety bollards made by us are simply cost-effective. We have made our products at reasonable prices by keeping the condition of every kind of businessman in our mind. Thus, to get strong bollards and other equipment at an affordable price, you should visit our site today. 

  • Mechanical engineering is developing itself at the pace of this time frame and becoming comprehensive on a serious note. We, industrial safety barriers, have made impactful safety bollards which are easy to use and easy to install. We are standing in that particular age where thanks to the emergence of technologies, it is not necessary to make strong elements with a heavy weight. The products made by our company are all strong but have a very light weight.


While summing up the description, we can say that the importance of Safety bollards has been proved by the analysis above. But the buyer has to become very conscious while collecting the safety bollards and other safety barriers, as the market outside is filled with clone things. We Industrial Safety Barriers are completely reliable in this case. So, hurry up and visit our site to ensure the safety of your company right now.

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