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DEFLEX® Gates Range

dock gate | industrial safety barriers
Single/ Double
1 / 2 way Swing Gate
Single/ Double
gates| industrial safety barrier
1 / 2 way Swing Gate
Single/ Double
Lift gate
Single/ Double

Purchase Pocket-friendly Safety Barriers from Industrial Safety Barriers and Ameliorate the Safety of your Workplace! 

We are welcoming you from the core of our heart in ‘Industrial Safety Barriers’. Being a reliable company, we produce a variety of safety barriers and ensure the safety of yours. The world around us is taking a philanthropic attitude day by day towards the employees and the labourers. In this scenario, we are trying to remain one step forward with our safety products on a serious note. Our safety barriers are dependable to control accidents and make a secure work zone. Explore a rich variety of industrial barriers through the site and choose the best one for your organisation.

Why Should You Come to an ‘Industrial Safety Barrier’? 

  • Longevity and Quality

We, Industrial Safety Barriers, along with caring for the safety of your workers, generally care for the quality of our product too. We do not want to make you invest a certain amount of money in a product with bad quality. Therefore, we can say that our enhanced quality and longevity of our product are the two main specialities of us. 

  • Easy to Use

 Industrial Safety Barriers always try to focus on the comprehensiveness of the system. Thus, our Safety Barriers are made from easy engineering. The barriers are easy to deploy, easy to remove and easy to clean, which always intrigue our customers.

  • Variety of Products

As a leading safety barrier making company, we are here not only to cater to the industrial necessity. Other than the barriers for factories, we also make a number of other barriers like road safety barriers for the pavements. 

Various Products of Industrial Safety Barriers

  1. We make strong and durable pedestrian barriers in dangerous areas to make the passersby safe from any unwanted accident. 

  2. The traffic barriers of our company are enough to make you feel safe from the traffic flow and unwanted collisions.

  3. Deflex lift gates are one of the unique and easy-to-use products which can keep a person away from any significant workplace. 

  4. Our Deflex dock gates are enough to prevent accidents like slipping and falling in dockyards.  These gates also look fantastic due to their design and colours.

  5. If you are looking for a temporary safety solution, you can choose our expandable barriers. It’s easy-to-install and easy-to-dismantle process can give you quick access to those products.

  6. The curiosity of human beings is increasing day by day. In this situation, in a place of severe accident or place of unwanted negative incidents, it is needed to keep the curious people away. Our access control gates are effective in this scenario. 


In this 21st century, people are getting more obvious, conscious and aware of their safety. That is why the usage and purchase of safety barriers are increasing day by day on a severe note. The human resource management of the renowned companies became concerned about the safety of the workers nowadays. Thus, the safety barrier is now an essential aspect to be present in heavy manufacturing industries. Industrial Safety Barriers is one of the most prestigious companies in the industrial barrier making companies. Visit our site today and give your workplace extra safety today. 

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