Forksure 400

Forksure 400

Unique metal barrier system – designed with Cumple Zone Technology (CZT) which in the event of very high impact, the uprights take the impact by flexing at a designed point. This means it will not crack up the floor fixings and should only be a case of replacing the one upright – rather than a whole run of barrier. A very heavy duty, easy to install, metal barrier system for protecting your walls or assets. Available in component form with many accessories to ensure it fits exactly to suit your requirements. Choose from galvanized or powdercoat over galvanized finishes.

Forksure 400

Height: 400mm

Length: 2400mm Modular System

Extreme Duty – heavy vehicle traffic

Colours: Galvanised Steel, Powdercoated Safety Yellow, Powdercoated Safety Yellow over Galvanized Steel

Accessories: Walksure Handrail

Fixings: All fixings included

CZT – Unique Crumple Zone Technology

What is all the hype about this CZT?

CZT stands for Crumple Zone Technology. This is a unique designed feature of the Forksafe Steel Barrier system.
When a moving vehicle comes into contact with a stationary barrier, something needs to absorb the impact. Forklifts are usually solid steel and very heavy, and unlike cars, they do not have ‘crumple zones.’
Therefore, the barrier needs to absorb the energy of the impact. The Forksafe system features a unique CZT technology with a ‘crumple zone’ near the base of the post which absorbs the impact and bends at a set point and with a high force of impact. This normally means that the impacted upright post only needs to be replaced and not a complete run of barrier. Severe impact also often causes the concrete floor to ‘blow out’ with standard steel barrier, leaving it damaged and needing not only replacement of the barrier but also expensive repairs to the floor and floor coatings etc.
Furthermore, steel barrier systems without CZT often cause ‘impact shock’ to the forklift driver.

It’s all about the long-term solution for your facility.

If you expect your barrier will get hit many times in its lifetime, check out our flexible barrier range!

If accidents are unlikely on your site check out our Forkshield range!

Consider the cost of accidents occurring onsite

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