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Full Frame doorway protection

Overcome the issues

Overcome the common issues of doors being hit off the tracks, frames scraped, wall & corner damage – constant maintenance issues in facilities No upkeep,

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Do they really work?

Flexible Barriers – do they really work? See this video of a serious forklift impact and make your own decision. Imagine what would happen if

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Flexible Bollard

Protecting your corners!

Do you want to protect the vulnerable corner of something but not sure if you have any spare room? Yet another new product from Industrial

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metal forklift barrier
Forklift Barrier

Dont waste this time…

Get your facility into tip-top shape and get ready for the rush hour when we have beaten Covid!Its a great time to look into improvements

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Forklift Barrier
Flexible Barrier

Another Smart Facility,

Another Smart Facility has had us install the impactable flexible barrier to create a safe walkway across a busy forklift access doorway. This one included

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